2018 Fund ME Campaign of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC
I've been trying to help kids for 25 years. Now I need your help to keep it going.
We all want same long-term result of kids moving safely through school and into adult lives and jobs. Read  this article  to see how the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and T/MC support this goal with an extensive knowledge base.
Listen to 2018 podcast  interview .
Rather than trying to be the single leader in a huge city, the T/MC and now T/MI, have sought to provide an information platform that all leaders can use  to innovate ways to support tutor/mentor program growth in more places and to solve other complex social, political and environmental problems facing cities. 
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Can you help me continue to do this work?
If someone you know has become ill and needs money to pay bills, they set up a "Go Fund Me" page and ask for contributions. They are not 501-c-3 non profits. They are people needing help.
I am not operating as a non profit either. However, I'm also not a profit-making business. So, this is my "fund me" page.
I have been self-funding this work since 2011 supported by a few small donors. I need your help to continue.
Please send a contribution of $25, $100 or more. 
Become a volunteer, advocate and/or partner and help me find sponsors, investors and partners to build this platform for future use. Read more .
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Dan Bassill and his work.  Thank you for your help!

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