Look at the other "intermediaries" in Chicago and around the country. Do they offer the same range of resources and ideas? Have they been doing this for over 20 years?


These and many other graphics created over the past 20 years illustrate how the web sites of the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC are intended to be a social problem solving platform that can be used by people and organizations throughout Chicago and the world who want to help youth living in poverty connect with support systems that help them succeed in school and life. 

The Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC social problem solving platform includes:

a) data related to specific issue/problem,
b) ways to draw millions to the platform;
c) ways to engage the people with the data in order to create shared understanding and,
d) ways to point the efforts of the group to places within geographic boundaries where the ideas and action can support constant improvement, or betterment, resolution of the problem.

This map shows the platform I've been trying to build for more than a decade. It shows many areas where others can share ownership and responsibility for building this platform and for encouraging others to use it.

What VALUE does this platform offer?  View this PDF to see how this benefits business, non profits, and anyone spending time and dollars aimed at helping youth in poverty move through school and into jobs and careers.

View web sites of other Intermediary organizations focused on well-being of Chicago youth. How many of these offers the same range of information and program support ideas? 

The Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC was create in July 2011 to support the on-going activities of the Tutor/Mentor Connection in Chicago and to help similar groups grow in other cities.  We have not incorporated as a non-profit so that we can be more flexible in how we attract investors, partners and contributions from people who share our vision and don't contribute time or money as a tax-relief strategy.


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