Suggested Workshop Topics

Some of the questions/topics we seek to cover in each conference:

  1. What is mentoring, tutoring and how do these combine as school-to-work concepts?
  2. What are our students and volunteers telling us? - "What does it take to make a difference?"
  3. What do leaders tell us. "What does it take to succeed?"
  4. What are communities doing to build more and better tutor/mentor programs?
  5. Who are some of the groups doing the best work that might be copied?

Share learning activities from your program so others duplicate these ideas in more places. Read more.

Topics that the T/MC would like to include in each conference:
  • Discussions of mentoring and tutoring concepts
  • Recruitment Training/volunteer support
  • Training your volunteer (tutor or mentor) and keeping them longer
  • Tutoring strategies, focused on reading, math, science
  • Building relationships with volunteers and/or students
  • Volunteer or student recognition
  • Learning/experience-building activities
  • Curriculum Scholarship programs
  • College and Career readiness activities for mentors and students
  • Use of portfolios
  • Education to Career Activities
  • How teachers can get involved in after-school programs
  • Working with middle school students
  • Evaluation Strategies
  • Use of technology, social media
  • Fund raising/marketing
  • Grant writing
  • Promotional tools for selling mentoring in schools or corporations
  • How to deal w/problem/behavior children
  • Techniques on working with students w/ low self-esteem
  • The Parent-mentor relationship
  • Involving Parents and teachers
  • Volunteer screening (intake, interviews, orientations, etc
  • How to start a program
  • Students as volunteers/leaders
  • Partnership with schools
  • Newsletter/communications
  • Partnering with public officials
  • Partnering with business
  • Motivating students to learn
  • Communication with children and youth
  • Converting volunteers into leaders
  • How tutor/mentor programs/volunteers can help improve academic achievement
  • Building volunteer and community boards
  • On-line mentoring and tutoring
  • Building a website on a shoestring budget
  • For-profit mindset in a non-profit world
  • Safe tutor/mentor screening
  • Use of electronic portfolios in tutoring and academic mentoring
Please use this form to submit a proposal for a workshop. If you would like to be part of a panel, or if you can facilitate a panel discussion and group brainstorming session, please contact us.